My son is such a boy.

I am lazy so pasting a copy of an email to a friend sent today:

I am still cringing each swallow in pain, still unable to sleep for more than 30mins without waking because of a painful razorblade type swallow, and this morning I even threw up. What fun it is. Actually, it was sort of funny. When Finn has been sick in the past (actually just a big TMI gross warning for the next paragraph, skip ahead if need be); he calls it 'doing white' because, well, much milk does he drink. Anyhoo, this morning I said to him "oh god Finn I think I need to do white, can you grab me something" and he came racing back with a container for me (bless his cotton socks) and I proceeded to make use of it. With each hurl, I hear this chuckle and look to see he is like a audience member, on the end of my bed, watching with glee, giggling every time I hurl. He thought it was the best! Such a BOY. Sigh. Its very hard to be sick when you have someone finding it so fun to watch, let me tell you. He was lovely looking after me though.

So anyhoo, I've lost my train of thought entirely. I am feeling somewhat vaguely, maybe remotely better on some level of which I am unsure. I think. I wish and long for much sleep. I write in odd ways. I am delirious. With love, me xx


Grace 28 August 2007 at 4:43 pm  

Aww Kell, you poor thing! How gorgeous of your son though, lol. Get plenty of rest, get well really soon.

Kirsten 28 August 2007 at 9:38 pm  

Good that you have someone to keep you laughing (although does that hurt?), but otherwise... Yuck! What hell you are in. I am very sorry for your misery.