That's me. Lady. Finn has come out with a couple of gems this week.

Firstly, we were playing a game and I started tickling him and, as he calls it, "harassing and haranguing" him. He decided to get revenge, and before launching himself into a full body tackle, he piped up with: "Right!! Listen lady, I am gonna get you!"
I laughed too hard to resist the ensuing tackle!

Then yesterday, he wanted to draw me a picture. He was rather excited about the subject of his drawing, and as he raced off, full of excitement, to pen it, he exclaimed: "When you see this... Lady, you are gonna FLIP!"

Bwaahaahaa! So funny!


Kat 15 February 2008 at 7:06 pm  

Our out of the mouths of babes, Lady!! LOL

Finn never ceases to amaze me with his learning Kel you are an amazing mum.


Anonymous 26 February 2008 at 8:18 pm  

Too cute! xx