Ahh my boy is growing up

He has a uniform. Surely this is wrong. Its too soon! Given, he is not prep year this year, hes kinder equivalent (vic); but because he is at montessori, hes in cycle 1, year 2; and they all wear uniform in together (3 year levels). The uiform there is good, they have a range of colors, being monty the idea is they have a uniform but there is independence in that the kids can choose their colors from a huge range. Unsurprisingly, Finns gone for wiggles colors. Its too cute, but so sad too! When did he get so old? Sigh...

Speaking of him growing up, he has his first friend over for a playdate today. Currently, I have one belting the drums, and one playing the electric guitar. Christ. Noisy... But they love it! Finn is SO hyperactive, he loves having someone here to play with his age. This kid is the year above him at school,a s I said 3 years in together, but is tolerant of some of the younger behaviours Finn has, and they get along really well. So very sweet!