Australia Day

I realise this entry is several days too late, but some bastard spiked my drink with HEAPS of vodka, then force fed me beer until I was completely shitfaced on Australia Day.

So belatedly, what does it mean to you? I asked my 6yo this question, what does he like about being Australian - he pondered the question, then responded: "you know what I don't like?" "What?" "That we don't have Halloween or jackalantas in Australia." (Seriously, 3 months on, we still have not let that go?!) But when pressed for what he does like, he said "that we have lots of food and things here." He is often thinking of our sponsor child, Zainabu, who lives in Uganda, in these things.

It raises much debate, Australia Day. Predominantly, do we want a republic? Do we want a new flag? Do we need a new anthem? What is our national dish? Do we even HAVE a clear identity?

We're a relatively new country, we're still finding out identity, in my opinion. I am undecided on a republic, but I lean toward it. I like our flag, though. Who cares if it has the Union Jack - regardless of whether we ever become a republic, Britain will always be an enormous part of our history, so big deal. That flag has meant so much to so many throughout history, I don't like the idea of changing it. But does it reflect enough of our history? What about BEFORE the white people landed and took over? Related: Australia Day is a bit strange... celebrating the day we started hunting Aboriginals like animals is not cause for celebration. I like the idea of celebrating it the day before. The day before it all changed.

And YES we need a new anthem. Seriously... girt by sea? Who uses the word girt, like ever?! And strains ought not be joyful. Not a fan of that song at all. And don't be replacing it with Waltzing Matilda which makes Aussies seem like thieving convict bastards one and all. Use a shortened version of the 'I am, You are, We are Australia' song. That's much better.

So, what is our national dish? I voted a bbq'd sausage in bread... roast lamb would be up there... prawns... The good old lamington... Actually, I think it's the boring but certainly instantly identifiable as Australian Vegemite sambo, isn't it!? With a glass of Milo. And a tim tam. That's Aussie food! (tried to write tucker or grub there, couldn't do it).

I love being an Aussie, and to me, Australia Day usually means a BBQ, some drinks, Triple J's Hottest 100, and friends. And being grateful that I live in such a beautiful and free country. What are your thoughts?


Bean stalk ballads 30 January 2010 at 9:17 am  

Honestly? I am not a fan. I feel more its "lets steal a country from its previous inhabitants and commit genocide day"
I like your choice for the national anthem by the way.
I am not particularly feeling friendly and supported by australia at this point anyway...

FeistyKel 30 January 2010 at 9:26 am  

I felt like that too, it's a bit off. I am still proud to be an Australian, though, so I chose to focus on what i DO like. I really can't blame you for not feeling supported, either. I understand and agree 110%.

Kellee 31 January 2010 at 4:26 am  

Well, I honestly have no idea half of what you just said there with the food. LOL I agree about the Union Jack, though. If it weren't for your shared history, you guys wouldn't have those rockin' accents!! :)

The Joneses 11 February 2010 at 12:22 am  

Our national dish is probably the meat pie LOL!

Mmmm lamingtons and Tim Tams, I miss them so much *sob* I'll have to make some "lammo's" next Australia Day.

"I am, You Are, We Are Australian" is definitely more appropriate than our current anthem, but what about "Footballs, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars" hehehe

Seriously though, I think "Australia Day" ought to be dropped, our nation does have a shameful history, and it is an insult to the Indigenous people who were here well before us. Our ancestors wiped out alot of indigenous culture. It's time we started to honour the Aboriginal history and heal our nation. Until we do, we're going to be tarred as a racist people.