The ultimate reading sin

So, the new Harry Potter book is out, the finale, so to speak. Don't worry, I promise this post will contain NO SPOILERS.

But I did commit the ultimate book reading sin. I read the final chapter, first. People seem horrified when I tell them, aghast even. The way I see it, I could then not worry or stress about people ruining it and could know it for myself. I then read the book at my leisure and enjoyed it, there were still surprises!

I won't comment on my opinions of it in fear of ruining it for people. Aren't I kind?

So, this weeks life writing class had a task where we were to write about our most memorable family photograph. I wrote about one of we 3 kids in the bathroom brushing our teeth. My brother was about 2, me about 5, my sister about 7. I wrote how we used to pretend to be the "dribble man" when we rinsed. The dribble man was an old man we occasionally came across in the park, who, as the name suggests, dribbled a lot. How mean are kids?! We weren't scathing or hateful, just matter of fact, but still!!

I also wrote how being the only dark haired child meant the other two often told me I was adopted. Bastards. teehee. Kids are funny. So this semester I have to write a life writing creative piece. Initially, I thought I would write about when J and I had stuff going on and I was going to Italy and then found out I was pregnant with the boy... but it reminds me of all things negative, as interesting and spellbinding it may be as a tale! Now, I think instead that with the dribble man elaborated, the kidnap story etc I might make it about my childhood. I'll add in the lost at the shopping centre story too. Now to conjure up so more tales of that ilk...


Grace 23 July 2007 at 8:33 pm  

Oh I want to read the new HP... but I don't want to buy the book by itself, I want all of it in a nice set, with a box and all. I know I know... maybe I'm just a tightarse, LOL!!

p.s. GO THE EAGLES!! Hehe...

Lalee 23 July 2007 at 11:52 pm  

Well you runined the ending for me are you happy? ROFL!

Seriously... bought mine today, cant wait to get into it!

FiestyKel 24 July 2007 at 9:59 am  

I want the box set too Grace. I have a hodgepodge of adult and children covers, paperback and hardcover, and some missing altogether! I will get the set at some point for sure. Leather bound would be nice! And as for the football - we let you win. :P

Lea!!!!! lol. I am happy I ruined it. And Zach was evicted this morning. :P