When I grow up...

I know what I want to be, finally.

I would like to be a moderate - highly successful author (multiple books, but not necessarily, the next JK Rowling); and as well as that, I would like to be paid for writing freelance articles on the finer things in life. Indulgences and so on - naturally, all expenses will be covered by the place commissioning the article(s). I can't wait!

Have been planning already, for these uni travel articles. I thought I might do a family type one somewhere in winter for kids. Warrnambool, the snow.. somewhere. We'll make it a weekend away for the 3 of us!

The other I might make my birthday spa treat early, and combine it with something on this region I live in, in general. So lunch at a swanky restaurant in Daylesford (or for novelty - the Italian themed lavandular farm); some antique/secondhand bookshop/gallery visits, the chocolate mill for some handmade chocolates, a winery (or 2!) and an olive grove for some Tapenades for J, and some Olivatas and oil for me!

What do you think? No really, what do you think? Comment! Also, these would assist in my reviewing unit - at least for a food review. Then I could do 2 of either literature/film/theatre one and be cruising. I sense a semester of indulgence, under the guise of research and work... :D


osmund 8 July 2007 at 7:52 pm  


Here is a lurker making a comment! No you don't know me at all; I saw your blog from I Do forums.

I think an interesting article/review slant would be about fads. For example, the fad of chocolate shops. Have you noticed that there are a lot popping up recently? I know some have been around for a while, but there has been massive growth in this market in the last few years.* Is this linked with anything in particular? An ever growing middle class that wants to indulge itself? Or just that the finer things of life aren't so out of reach?

So anyway, just wanted to give you some food for thought...


*no sources to back up that claim!

FiestyKel 8 July 2007 at 8:22 pm  

You are right though, and the hand made truffles... even those places that have the hot chocolates made from real chocolate and have the spoons to dip in it etc.

Mmmm chocolate. Cheers for that, excellent angle!

osmund 9 July 2007 at 4:59 pm  

mmm, delicious chocolate shops!

Maybe you can have a wonderful time reviewing them all in the name of research. ;)

FiestyKel 9 July 2007 at 5:13 pm  

What a shame huh?!