Happy New Year!

How hard does he rock?!!?

So, welcome to 2008, huh? Our NYE was very quiet, I slept through midnight. I am indeed, old and staid. I blame Finn's arrival, since that, NYE is just another night. Before that, I swear I was a party animal. Sort of. Party sloth? 2007 was a good year, a turning point for us, and I anticipate 08 being good to us too, its time. I can feel it!

Christmas was good, again fairly quiet. Watching Finn open his presents was awesome, he was pretty impressed and reacted well this year. When the sheet was thrown back from the drumkit, he got all teary: "It's exactly what I asked for!!" Bless! He was spoiled mad rotten, so much stuff. Need to sort through his toys again and pass some on, give some away etc. And tidy up his room. Its a shambles! J is making him a new storage cube which will help, I hope!

We spent boxing day driving down the Great Ocean Road to Airey's Inlet, where we camped a couple of nights. First night SUCKED. I knew we were in trouble when the 5 guys 2 sites over arrived with no fewer than 5 slabs and 5 bottles of bourbon. And yes, til 4am they yelled, sang, carried on generally. And yes, this brave (stupid?) woman that I am went over TWICE, alone, to tell them to STFU (politely). It worked for 5 minutes each time, but of course when one is drunk, one forgets fast.. A complaint the next day to reception worked and second night was blissfully peaceful. Finn had a ball at the beach and the pool etc.. We saw the Split Point Lighthouse and generally just relaxed. It was good, and needed. I suspect Finns highlight (aside from his first experience at a urinal as opposed to a loo: "Ooh a waterfall, can I touch it?!" NOOOOO!) was the friend he made at the caravan park playground. Maeve was a fair haired, sweet little girl a year older than Finn. She took him under her wing and they had a lovely time playing together. Chasey, Mums and Dads (innocently in a make-believe car trip to QLD all buckled in with doll and teddy babies) and general play... was so cute to watch!

I don't think I would rush back to camping. I enjoyed it, but we were lucky with weather, a beautiful 22-23 degrees. But, if hotter, there is no escape from the sun and if colder, you're trapped in a tent. Noisy in a park, but no amenities if not... I don't know. It was okay...

So J goes back to work on Thursday :( And Finn is not back at school until 4 or 5 Feb so he and I best get some plans made to stop us sending each other loco! He did get some cool learn to read books and stuff for xmas that we can use to keep his brain active which is good. I have started my writing project for next year, very excited about it! Just need some time to actually write it. We have had 5 days of 30+ temps here now, yesterday was 42! And it only got down to 27 overnight, so thats taking a toll at the moment. Cabin fever as we hide from heat, and tired and cranky: lots of fun as you can imagine. No respite for another week yet either, I hate summer!


Emma 1 January 2008 at 7:24 pm  

Rock on Finn!!!

I'd love to see the look on your face when he's 15 and asks for a real drumkit ROFL

You can come and visit me to escape the heat and give you something to do. 27 max up here, just beautiful!