Its a sad addiction...

I know, I know. I now have 4 blogs. Its a worry, I am thinking of seeking out a blogger rehab, I am a likely patient.

I wanted to keep the infertility/IVF stuff separate to this blog, which is my main one, my little-bit-of-everything-mish-mash-jumble-of-life one. And so, myfacetube was born. Myfacetube the name, is a play on my space, facebook, you tube... combined would make a MINT, right? Just a bit of silly, for a more serious topic.

Then, the other day, I was looking at the photos Finn was taking and thinking what a cool perspective it is to see the world through a childs eyes quite literally. So I made a photo blog for his stuff: The Apple Reporter, based on a character he plays whose origins I am still to work out! (Hence the funny pic of him on that blog as the infamous apple reporter!)

Today I was browsing random blogs, as you do, and discovered the world of foodie blogs. Some that look only at restaurants etc. but I'd feel awkward going out for a meal and photographing it from every angle before, during and after eating (plus I'd always forget, plus we rarely eat out!) But I loved the cooking at home ones, and decided I might have a go at that too. Why not?! And so I added Eats at our Digs. Although, am yet to post in it, so we'll see if I actually do!

I heart blogging!


Bec 2 February 2008 at 12:07 pm  

I heart your blogs too Kell :)