My 5 year old is a teenager

We finally went to visit my Mum yesterday, myself and the kidlets. She was so happy to see them after so long, and me too, and F was pretty accepting of her new look with the hat thing going on. He commented it was different but then moved on, and when we got home he was telling J and said 'do you know why?! tell him mum!!" and was all quite interested in it all but not upset which is great.

He decided he was going to play a game there, set up a party and off he went laying things out for a party, Nanny found him some party hats and poppers and such and then he calls us all together and says: "right! now, we are going to play a game, it's called 'spin the bottle' and if the bottle points at you, you have to go in a closet for 2 whole minutes!"

Cue 3 very gobsmacked faces.

"Um.. okay..." I say... "What on earth?"

"Actually," he goes on, "we might make it the study and then the people in there can read books, send emails, look at photos and all that kind of stuff, so make sure the bottle points at me a few times because I would like to do that!"

PMSL. After much thought, I recalled where this came from, he insists we remain on ABC past rollercoaster, and watch these 2 otehr shows, roman mysteries and the culprit here - Naturally Sadie. Perhaps I ought to more carefully monitor his viewing, though it is harmless really.

So, to recap, a 5yo emo who wants a blue mohawk, black fingernails and to play spin the bottle. Yep, I am a GREAT parent. :S

P.S. Happy Birthday, Kate xx


Leila 17 May 2009 at 9:31 am  

You ARE a great parent. That is so cute!!

Chantelle 18 May 2009 at 5:25 am  

I agree. You're such a good parent.

I love the stuff they come out with at this age.

Last week at work we climbed the stairs to the house and once inside the little girl said to me in the most serious tone: We must be Queens.

Queens? I said. Why do you say that?

Well, we just climbed all these stairs to get here. Only Queens would have sooo many stairs.

I just laughed. She was so genuine and serious.