Written 14 January 2007

Very excited!!!

As you may know, I want to try writing, cue my grad dip/masters. I recently joined some writing forums. I decided to get myself used to sharing my work before doing so at uni, I have not shared it for YEARS.

So I put some up on one site and got some good, constructive and positive critiques, which was encouraging in itself. And at another, I decided to enter their current writing contest, just before it ended. Today they listed the finalists to be put to vote by members, and I am one of them!!!

Feeling really stoked, bugger winning, this is huge in itself! Pretty sure theyre being careful with votes, but if you feel sorry for me and want to check it out and vote (or vote against me if you must :P ) The site is http://www.writingforums.org/index.php

And the contest forum is toward the top. Woot! Id like to get ONE vote thats not my own, but that'd really just be greedy!