I won!

Written 26 January 2007

Thanks to anyone who voted, I won :) Feel very encouraged.

Have started the reading for uni this year, christ almighty - I am not going to have 5 minutes to myself soon. So much reading, so much writing... I am also considering going for Editor of the off campus mag, would be a good experience, and something I am passionate about having studied DE for so long. See how I go.

So incredibly excited about it, its just... have you ever done something and thought this is exactly what I am meant to be doing, this is so incredibly "right" ???? Its an awesome feeling.

Also, see below for the book I just read, it is BRILLIANT. Its about a Doctor who was in a severe road accident (cleaned up by a semi) and his recovery. His words translate across to any deep suffering one might experience - emotional or physical. Definitely given where I am now and my last year, I could relate so clearly to so much, it was very powerful. It is reading for a unit at uni, so I am pretty intrigued now, to read some of the others for that class.

Life is so good right now, everything is how I want it to be, and I am so happy, hopeful and content about my present and future. Its a kick arse feeling!!!!!