Still more study, yes I am addicted

Written 29 November 2006

I was accepted into the postgrad course to do fulltime next year!! A grad Dip in Literary Studies, which seems to me to be more of a fun exercise than a pathway to a career, a bonus that it is both. I do fear I am addicted, I remember the speaker at my BA grad ceremony saying study was addictive... it is. Ive done my BA, half a BSW at Monash, a few units of a BBus/Tourism at SCU... and now this looms. I love to learn!

I am really excited about it, its through Deakin, which is where I got my BA. They even assigned me back my old student number which was bizarre, like slipping on a pair of old comfy slippers. I have selected my units and first semester I will be doing 'Driven to Write,' 'The other side of the world: Literature of sadness - the body - mind in crisis,' 'Fiction Writing A' and 'Editing.'

Second semester will be 'Texts for young adults,' Life writing,' 'travel writing' and 'Fiction Writing B.' I have tried to keep a focus on the fact that I am likely to do a grad dip Education the year after, with a view to english teaching in secondary school for a while... At the same time, I have included units that appeal to me, just because.

My wonderful man is buying me an ibook for christmas, so I can type wherever I like, and it just feels good and right. In my search to find out which, if any, texts are assigned to my units, I came across a book that I have glanced at before - 1001 books to read before you die.

If I start now, and finish one a week, thats roughly 20 years. Best get started? One of a few lists can be seen clicking this link.

Not sure where to start, at least I can rule some already read off... even so, thats one hell of a list, and they aren't light reading! Right now, I am immersed in the Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad, a birthday present from J's mum, and am really enjoying it. Amazing how many worlds away it is from the life I live.

Would you attempt such a list? What would be your 'must' reads?