Semester is technically over, but I'm still plodding on...

I am not normally a perfectionist, but when my lecturer offered to help me perfect my last assignment, even though it meant an extension, I went for it. Stupidly, that meant that I should be finished now but I am still reading, revising and trying to understand...

This semester I have completed 'Driven to Write' a unit that required a creative piece targeted at a teen audience, as well as an exegesis dissecting 3 young adults novels and applying genre conventions to my creative stuff. It was a really good unit, I got a lot out of that one.

I also did a unit of Editing, which I enjoyed, but found so tedious and complicated! All those little symbols and so many types of editing... I had no idea. Learned much from this unit too and at first I had trouble getting the hang of it, but it ended up being something I enjoyed by the end.

I did a unit on fiction writing and the amount that I learned and developed in my writing from this unit was enormous. I got an awful lot of ideas about how to write, what to write and feedback on what I had written. It was really very good, although when I started I was utterly terrified. The other students seemed to be a lot less green than I was/am! It was challenging and I really loved that.

And I did a unit called 'The literature of sadness' which I was unsure about but am so glad I went ahead with. It explored texts such as 'The wind up bird chronicle;' 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' and others... then we had to write on them. Each of the 2 assignments had an option for a creative response which I chose. The first I wrote my own pathography (experience of illness) using infertility. The second is the one I am still perfecting. its a play about Melville's Bartleby. Need to perfect my rationale but no understanding of Felix Guattari's chaosmosis at ALL.

And this procrastinating is not helpful! ARGH!