Faaarrrrrkkkkk WARNING: Gory post below....

WARNING: Graphic content.

There are some sick bastards in the world.... I have spent most of today doing some research for a book I want to write. I was immersed in the crime library looking at criminal psychology and psychopaths.. far out. Makes the head spin a bit, the skin crawl...

There were so many full on and freaky cases, I think the most violent was the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer... *shudder.* But the one I found the most amazing and interesting was the case of the 'ripper rapists' and victim Alison Botha. Oh. My. God.

She was a south african woman who was abducted at knifepoint, raped and then had her throat slashed and her stomach sliced open. She literally had to hold her intestines in, pull her head back into place from flapping backwards.... and SHE SURVIVED. How??? Fark. I am shocked at reading excerpts from her book. Just shocking..

How would you go to trial in that case? I think I'd spend the rest of my life terrified they would get parole early and come after me again (they both got life sentences). How awful in so many ways... Far out. Speechless and feel rather ill after reading that :(

It is amazing how sheltered the lives we lead are, that there is this whole element to society that we choose not to know about, for the most part. That we do not explore what actually goes on in life sometimes, it makes my head just spin... that there are people out there that do all these freaky things and we go on oblivious, worrying about the latest gas bill or whatever.. trivial shit. So many of us have no idea. I guess ignorance is bliss - certainly does no one any benefit to know what murky elements are out there. Back to my world of baking and school and cleaning the shower. Fark.