The Tea Party, holidays and why they dont mix!

Written 15 December 2006

Ok, so the wonderful Jeff Burrows, ex the tea party, has announced and listed his final, EVER, charity auction on ebay, for the Transition to Betterness charity. Ebay Auction List

You can read about the Transition to Betterness Charity by clicking here. and about the Jeff Burrows auctions and work he has done for them right here.

What this means is that fans like me, can buy rare memorabilia, have it personalised and signed etc.. This is the 10th and final haul of goodies and it has some amazing stuff amongst it. I am drooling... now international shipping, and popular items means it could be an expensive exercise, but so worth it... not just to myself for the precious items, but because the charity is one worth donating to. Items include platinum record awards, rare CDs, drums, posters, clothing etc.

I have my heart set on many items, some I could win, some well out of my budget! The problem is this, J has t go away for work this weekend, back to the seaside place we lived for almost 10 years, where we met, had our son... and I haven't been back for 2 years.. this is a work funded trip, and the 3 of us are going. We'd be mad not to. I would love to catch up with old friends and do some beach adventures with the boy, where he was born.

Of course, we are going from Sun-Tues, and when does the charity auction end? Monday afternoon. I could cry!!!! :( All I can do is enter a max bid on a couple of items and hope for the best. Problem being, I wanted to see them all end and bid where I could afford to, to me, its not actually so much what the item is, but that its TTP rare stuff... So I could end up with a bunch I shouldn't really afford, or nothing... and as I said, this is the last of these auctions. How frustrating!!!!